Unattened Death Information

Like most people, you are in a state of mild shock, at least. Take care of yourself. If you must drive, leave for your destination early. This is the secret to driving: leave early.

Do not forget to eat properly and drink plenty of water. Breath deeply from time to time.

You have been in contact with the Venura County Sheriff-Coroner's Department. Coroner employees are in the process of removing a loved one or friend from your premises or theirs. Now you need to make decisions.

You need to give some time to thinking about the following however briefly:

  • Life Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance for an unattended death cleanup?
  • Where's the wallet and car keys?
  • When is the rent, mortgage or carp payments due?
  • Will homeowners insurance pay
  • There is more to recall, to learn. You have time. This is not the time to make rash decisions.

Homeowners Insurance

Overall, for an insurance company to cover most unattended death cleanup since, the biohazard cleanup company will have needed to "create" structural damage in order to invoke homeowners insurance. This is fraud in some cases if not many cases. But it is the homeowners chores. This same approach to invoking homeowners insurance occurs during homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup activities.

Generally, most homeowners insurance will not pay for an unattended death cleanup except under certain circumstances. Usually some sort of structural damage must occur as a result of an unattended death. It is the case that unattended deaths do not result in structural damage. An unattended death may cause blemishes on walls and floors; these can be scrubbed out in many cases.

Because many unattended deaths occur on beds during the night, it is unlikely that structural damage has occurred except in special circumstances. When damage does occur, it is to a wood floor beneath the bed. And in such cases the decedent passed away days or even weeks before being found. As a result fluids leaked through the bed, through a carpet and it's two layers of latex, if it carpet, and etched the wood floor.

This can be cut out dated. It can also be replaced by a handyman. This would constitute structural damage. When fluids to make their way to a wall, conceivably, drywall can become soiled. In many cases scrubbing, rinsing, and then disinfecting the soiled area will do. It is common unattended death cleanup procedures to seal over soiled areas with a paint primer of good quality. In some cases the drywall can be caught and removed and then replaced.

A biohazard cleanup company need not cut the wall. A biohazard company should at least scrub, rinse, and disinfectant wall so that a handyman can remove it. Whether the cleaning company or handyman removes the drywall is up to the owner or insurance company.

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Where's the wallet and car keys? They may be in plain sight on a table top, kitchen sink, or living room end table. Coroner's employees would have alerted you or the responsible party if their department took possession of documents and keys.

When are the rent, mortgage or car payments due?

There is more to recall, to learn. You have time. This is not the time to make rash decisions.

Once that your feel comfortable entering the death scene a search for life insurance and other important documents can follow.