San Diego County Suicide Cleanup Narrative

San Diego County Suicide Cleanup Prices

My suicide cleanup prices for San Diego County are between $500-$1,250 in most cases. You can imagine that my $500 fee covers a minimum service, which is much cheaper than my competitors. A $1,250 suicide cleanup will involve much more. I give a not-to-exceed-price on the telephone. However, high caliber weapon suicides by handguns, rifles, and shotgun may cost as much as $1,500 at times. Plus, I may need a second day to clean a very large suicide scene. I do not charge additional for a second day.

Besides quoting a telephone high and low price, I return your email with the quoted price. Only in very unusual circumstances do I change my price, and that is before work begins. Most people who see a suicide scene do not understand what they see. Yes, of course, they are horrified. From the perspective of the cleaner, there's much more going on, which I need not explain here.

I prefer not to do a suicide cleanup involving mattresses and other types of furniture like couches. However, if the responsible parties can give me a second day, then I may be able to oblige them. Small beds are usually not much trouble. I will give some consideration to cleaning. Here are some questions I consider when trying to quote a suicide cleanup fee:

  • Do you need service in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home?
  • Do you need service in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or more than one room, and what floor?
  • In what city do you need service?
  • Is a couch or mattress involved?
  • Is electricity and running water available?

I have many San Diego County suicide cleanup related web pages. Not all are for suicide cleanup, specifically. Some are for blood cleanup while some are for biohazard cleanup. I even have pages for feces cleanup throughout San Diego County.

You will not find San Diego County corner employees and then you my telephone number. I do not offer kickbacks to county employees referral of suicide victims' families. Therefore, San Diego County corner employees will have nothing to do with me. You see, I do not pay a 10% kickback. I am mainly free enterprise-oriented. I do all the suicide cleanup work coming to my company by myself. But whether homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, victims families will need time to settle their emotions if they are to make wise cleaning company selection.

More, my suicide cleanup business allows for affordable prices for suicides, homicides, and unattended deaths. All these types of cleanup biohazard cleanup related. Wet blood, moist blood, dry and flaky blood are a biohazard. Compressed objects that release human blood are also biohazards.

My suicide cleanup fees for San Diego County reflect the cost of doing business in California.

I have cleaned in 24 states, including California. I did this by having a great presence on the Internet years ago. No pay per click advertising controlled web pages. It was before County corners employees nationwide monopolized suicide cleanup businesses. In those days, I owned hundreds of websites. I was eight crime scene cleanup broker and received calls from around the country. I would then call various crime scene cleanup companies and offer suicide cleanup opportunities for a small fee.

But, then came the coroner employees apocalypse. Meaning, coroner employees discovered that they were sitting on the Golden egg. All that they needed to do was stand suicide victims families like telephone numbers. The families would then call companies. In the companies would then pay the corner employees a 10% kickback. But this is redundant.

I've clean many times in San Diego and not only after suicides them. Years ago, I first received work in Orange County. Before long, the Orange County corner's employees created a stranglehold monopoly over the suicide cleanup business. It has been two years since I cleaned the deaf in orange county. I do better in Los Angeles County. Do not get the idea that this problem only exists in orange county. It exists all over the United States. San Diego County's no different. People who say that suicide cleanup cronyism is "not real," are in denial. It's like climate denial. They choose not to investigate the facts for themselves. Try starting your own San Diego County suicide cleanup business, and you will soon experience when I know. You will not receive calls.

Go ahead. Advertise on the Internet. You could've advertised your San Diego cleanup business in San Diego Yellow Pages in San Diego County had Yellow Pages. I gave up on Yellow Pages years ago. Still, you'll find me on the organic suicide cleanup searchers on Google and Bing. I do not advertise with pay-per-click. It costs too much, and competitors abuse my advertising. No one calls anyway. Once my competitors see my website at the top of the page, they jump on it light flies on horse feces. Did I mention I have a feces cleanup service in San Diego County?


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I am curious to see what happens if I do a Napa County biohazard cleanup search with Google.

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Again, I offer suicide cleanup prices and services for much less than my competitors, usually. My fee also comes with a suicide cleanup guarantee. By "guarantee," I mean that I will return to clean whatever may be out of place. I have offered this guarantee for 17 years. In those 17 years, I returned to three suicide cleanup settings for more cleaning. The most recent suicide cleanup return was in Orange County, California. A very small speck of unidentifiable matter stuck to a shower wall, well above the actual death scene, which did not occur in the shower. I cleaned it off. Perhaps I should work more slowly; I'm happy that I returned, in any case.

On another occasion, I returned to a suicide cleanup scene in Los Cruces, New Mexico. There, I found mold behind a curtain. Because I do not do mold remediation, I covered the mold with plastic and taped it to the wall over the mold. I left it at that. Mold remediation carries a lot of liability. In this case, the mold had nothing to do with suicide cleanup.

Still, on another occasion in Hermosa Beach, California, on my own volition, I returned to a suicide scene in a church chapel. The suicide victim shot himself in the head. The chapel was hard to illuminate, and I had a bad feeling about the death scene. I was glad that I returned with a powerful lamp. The lamp revealed some matter that I should have removed. So I was culpable.

A suicide cleanup guarantee must include a return to clean, nothing less. Living up to one's word remains part of this cleaning business. I have no other way to run a suicide cleanup business. San Diego County families and businesses should expect no less.

What to expect -

I arrive in San Diego County on-time 99% of the time. I knock on the door ring the bell. When somebody answers, I hand them my business card. When invited in, I walk to the suicide scene.

I try to get a big picture of the suicide scene. If I am doing a small suicide cleanup, I have few concerns about time and cleaning strength. But, if a large suicide cleanup scene confronts me, I must sometimes very my cleaning task. Cleaning means that I may remove the blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) by lifting them and placing them in bags. And then I apply the cleaning solution to the stained area for scrubbing. Once scrubbed, the soiling matter is either lifted with paper towels or vacuumed up. A second cleaning follows and then disinfecting. If the area needs sealing because of potential odors, then I seal it.

However, when cleaning a very large suicide scene, I may remove blood and OPIM from one area and then move to another area and repeat this task. I do this because I do not want to leave debris down than I must. Also, I may change my job at hand to conserve my muscle strength. When one scrubs walls, upper body strength quickly wears out. So moving from a wall cleaning task to cutting fabric from a mattress or couch helps other muscles, lessens fatigue.


Odors do not cause disease and illnesses. Odors may cause a short spell of nausea. The longer the suicide scene remains intact, the stronger the blood and death orders become. Blood and death orders are not by themselves hazardous — health concerns for a suicide cleanup revolve around bloodborne pathogens. The term bloodborne pathogens mean carried in the blood, and not the air. You might note that if a suicide cleanup company employee told you that the air is dangerous. Blood and death odors cause nausea for those people new to these nauseous odors.

Orders will persist for months if left in place. I know that blood and death odors will not linger beyond 10 or 12 months. I also know that in a very short time, depending on temperatures, but in death orders will waif in the air. Once airborne, these owners can reach the sidewalk near the suicide scene. Passersby may complain. So the sooner a suicide cleanup occurs, the better. Also, the blood and death orders permeate cellular materials.

Cellular materials include organic and inorganic materials. For example, carpet padding becomes heavily polluted with the death and blood over, although it is a natural, "man-made." Meanwhile, a suicide victim down for a month leaves powerful blood and death odors. The odors may even permeate kitchen cabinets. Those nonporous surfaces should remain without odor permeation.

Disposal of Biohazards

However, with that said, a family doing suicide cleanup in their own home may dispose of these materials in their local San Diego County landfill. Often all the family needs to do is call the landfill and tell them what they are doing. Explain that you must do a suicide cleanup and you have materials for the landfill. Just get permission to deposit your biohazards and make an appointment if needed. Some states require the appointment; some states require no appointments. In some counties, no one seems to care. They don't want batteries or nuclear waste. Always call and get permission first. San Diego County landfill should be obliged to families involved in suicide cleanup.

There is no reason for a family not to do suicide cleanup in their own home, regardless of what biohazard cleanup company employees may have said. Granted, sometimes police officers will say something like this, "you need to get somebody in here to help clean this up." My belief is they are not saying this to take advantage of families. They are saying it because it is the truth. (return)

The suicide cleanup is not for the timid. A suicide cleanup tests one resolve to work through challenging, stressful situations. Even the site of a suicide scene can cause trauma. A suicide cleanup practitioner I know went through the experience as a young high school student. He walked home from school one afternoon and heard a gunshot. When he arrived at home, he found his mother dead from a gunshot wound to the head, sprawled in a corner. He and his brother did the suicide cleanup; neither got over it. Last time I talked with my friend he was still cleaning up after suicides, though. He has great sympathy for families.

In any case, if you have the resolve to clean up after a suicide, take your time and try not to do it all at once. Do not use a lot of liquids because you'll make a bigger mess. There is more to suicide cleanup, and you're welcome to call me at any time for advice.




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