Lemon Grove Suicide Cleanup Narrative

Lemon Grove Suicide Cleanup Prices

My suicide cleanup prices for Lemon Grove are between $500-$950 in most cases. You can imagine that my $500 fee covers a minimum service, which is much cheaper than my competitors. A $950 suicide cleanup will involve much more. I give a not-to-exceed-price on the telephone. However, high caliber weapon suicides by handguns, rifles, and shotgun may cost as much as $1500 at times. Plus, I may need a second day to clean a very large suicide scene. I do not charge additional for a second day.

Besides quoting a telephone high and low price, I return your email with the quoted price. Only in very unusual circumstances do I change my price, and that is before work begins. Most people who see a suicide scene do not understand what they see. Yes, of course, they are horrified. From the perspective of the cleaner, there's much more going on, which I need not explain here.

I prefer not to do a suicide cleanup involving mattresses and other types of furniture like couches. However, if the responsible parties can give me a second day, then I may be able to oblige them. Small beds are usually not much trouble. I will give some consideration to cleaning. Here are some conditions I consider when trying to quote a suicide cleanup fee:

  • Do you need service in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home?
  • Do you need service in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or more than one room, and what floor?
  • In what city do you need service?
  • Is a couch or mattress involved?
  • Is electricity and running water available?

I have many Lemon Grove suicide cleanup related web pages. Not all are for suicide cleanup, specifically. Some are for blood cleanup while some are for biohazard cleanup. I even have pages for feces cleanup throughout Lemon Grove.

You will not find Lemon Grove corner employees and then you my telephone number. I do not offer kickbacks to county employees referral of suicide victims' families. Therefore, Lemon Grove corner employees will have nothing to do with me. You see, I do not pay a 10% kickback. I am mainly free enterprise-oriented. I do all the suicide cleanup work coming to my company by myself. But whether homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, victims families will need time to settle their emotions if they are to make wise cleaning company selection.

More, my suicide cleanup business allows for affordable prices for suicides, homicides, and unattended deaths. All these types of cleanup biohazard cleanup related. Wet blood, moist blood, dry and flaky blood are a biohazard. Compressed objects that release human blood are also biohazards.

My suicide cleanup fees for Lemon Grove reflect the cost of doing business in California.

I have cleaned in 24 states, including California. I did this by having a great presence on the Internet years ago. No pay per click advertising controlled web pages. It was before County corners employees nationwide monopolized suicide cleanup businesses. In those days, I owned hundreds of websites. I was eight crime scene cleanup broker and received calls from around the country. I would then call various crime scene cleanup companies and offer suicide cleanup opportunities for a small fee.

But, then came the coroner employees apocalypse. Meaning, coroner employees discovered that they were sitting on the Golden egg. All that they needed to do was stand suicide victims families like telephone numbers. The families would then call companies. In the companies would then pay the corner employees a 10% kickback. But this is redundant.

I've clean many times in San Diego and not only after suicides them. Years ago, I first received work in Orange County. Before long, the Orange County corner's employees created a stranglehold monopoly over the suicide cleanup business. It has been two years since I cleaned the deaf in orange county. I do better in Los Angeles County. Do not get the idea that this problem only exists in orange county. It exists all over the United States. Lemon Grove's no different. People who say that suicide cleanup cronyism is "not real," are in denial. It's like climate denial. They choose not to investigate the facts for themselves. Try starting your own Lemon Grove suicide cleanup business, and you will soon experience when I know. You will not receive calls.

Go ahead. Advertise on the Internet. You could've advertised your San Diego cleanup business in San Diego Yellow Pages in Lemon Grove had Yellow Pages. I gave up on Yellow Pages years ago. Still, you'll find me on the organic suicide cleanup searchers on Google and Bing. I do not advertise with pay-per-click. It costs too much, and competitors abuse my advertising. No one calls anyway. Once my competitors see my website at the top of the page, they jump on it light flies on horse feces. Did I mention I have a feces cleanup service in Lemon Grove?


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I am curious to see what happens if I do a Napa County biohazard cleanup search with Google.

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